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The process of precision hardware processing


For all kinds of machinery and equipment manufacturing are actually made one parts, each of these components is should pass special processing, especially a lot of parts to precision parts processing, such ability can conform to the requirements of the use, and now this kind of precision machining is a very high degree of accuracy for parts production process, in the process of processing and production of precision hardware, must strict control precision, ensure the appropriate hardware, so what are the process precision metal processing?

1. Surface treatment of hardware parts: surface treatment of hardware parts is to polish, polish, spray oil or electroplate the surface of the processed precision hardware parts.

2. Machining precision hardware: precision parts machining workpiece is the next good material into the processing equipment, according to the size of precision hardware for raw materials processing.

3. According to the hardware parts to be processed to open material: open material that is, according to the need for processing hardware size and processing technology to choose the appropriate specifications of hardware raw materials.

4. Be familiar with the drawings of processing equipment and hardware parts: in order to be able to process the required precision hardware parts, before the precision parts are processed and made into precision hardware parts, it is necessary to carefully check the drawings of hardware parts, and be familiar with the shape and size of the required precision hardware parts. In addition, also need to be familiar with hardware production equipment. In fact, as long as we should be in accordance with the norms to operate precision processing, and then careful, so that we can produce qualified hardware parts, but sometimes also because of some factors and affect the standard of hardware parts, so we should pay attention to these factors.

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