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  • 2907-2019

    The enlightenment of "industry 4.0" to the current industrial development of China

    "The rapid rise in Labour costs is causing Chinese industry to lose its cost advantage." This argument, which is generally accepted, is biased by the intellectualization of industrial

  • 3010-2019

    What is an optical part

    What is an optical part? Optical parts, also known as optical components. The basic building block of an optical system. Most optical components function as imaging, such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, and so on.

  • 3010-2019

    The basic principle of ultra-precision machining technology

    The numerical control grinding and polishing technology is an optical part manufacturing technology in which the surface of the workpiece is processed into a desired surface shape by a numerically-precision machine tool, and then polished by a flexible polishing mold to make the workpiece meet the technical requirements.

  • 3010-2019

    Current status and development of optical parts processing

    Current status and development of optical parts processing, More and more precision instruments have been applied to the new technology combining opto-mechatronics, which has promoted the increasingly stringent requirements of multi-functional, high-performance and low-cost, and promoted the development of traditional optical parts production technology and the transformation of processing technology.

  • 2907-2019

    Ministry of ecology and environment: several environmental protection regulations are being promoted

    Beitao, director of the laws and standards department of the ministry of ecology and environment, introduced the latest development of laws and standards in the field of ecological and environmental protection at a regular press conference on June 26.

  • 1707-2019

    Factors to Consider in Selection of Surface Processing Methods for CNC Processing Parts

    The processing method of CNC machining parts depends first of all on the technical requirements of the processing surface. However, it should be noted that these technical requirements are not necessarily the requirements set out in the spare parts map

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