Hexiang Precision Machine Ltd

Quality Control

We use various types of inspection equipment including an projector, digital height gauges and various other universal measuring equipment to continuously monitor and control our manufacturing accuracy. We perform set-up, in-process and final inspections to ensure that the parts we produce meet your requirements the first time.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products, as we have implemented a highly effective quality system. In addition we got ISO14001 certificate and ISO9001: 2008 certificate.

Quality control of hardware processing:

1. Design, by monitoring the quality formation process, eliminate the factors of unqualified or unsatisfactory effect printed on all stages of the quality ring.

2. Proofing, focusing on methods and tools.

3. Supervise and check the implementation process of die casting blank (the material used is zinc or aluminum), and make detailed records on the witness sheet before signing.

4. Polishing process, through a series of operating techniques and activities to minimize various quality variations and fluctuations.

5. Electroplating, pay attention to quality.

6. Packaging finished products, pay attention to the enterprise label.

7. Shipment. Ensure the quality is not affected, special tracking, one-stop service.