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  • CNC Precision Machining Parts Steel

    CNC Precision Machining Parts Steel

    Advantages of stainless steel: 1. High strength, good plasticity and toughness. 2. Uniform material and high working reliability. 3. Steel is weldable. 4. Steel has no leakage, easy to make a closed structure. 5. According to different strength requirements, steel parts are widely used in various industries. Our advantages for customers to customize, cost-effective processing solutions • precision CNC machining meets customer requirements • complete CNC production, including precision CNC milling and turning • complex processing, assembly, welding, etc • short run and fast lead time OEM for prototypes and bulk orders

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  • Turned Parts Stainless Steel Parts

    Turned Parts Stainless Steel Parts

    Medical stainless steel: (18-10) : +18% chromium +10% nickel, [1] to make it more durable and corrosion resistant, no metal ions precipitation, this stainless steel is called 18-10 stainless steel. Due to its durable and complete nature, it is mainly used in the manufacture of medical devices and tableware.

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